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SuperOffice is the most experienced CRM software provider in Europe. Founded in Norway in 1990 they have helped thousands of businesses strengthen their customer relationships, every day. SuperOffice is all about relations, which is one reason we have loved working with them for over the past 10 years. In 2019 we embarked on a new journey to start more meaningful relationships with potential customers.

Making B2B marketing thrive

The issue

For years SuperOffice have been great at generating inbound leads, not least through their websites, content marketing and SEO/SEM efforts. But as many B2B companies experience, website leads are often varying in terms of purchase readiness.

Following a switch in focus in prospect marketing toward bigger customers, SuperOffice was in need for a more sophisticated inbound lead engine, which could both increase lead recruitment, automatically determine lead purchase readiness and deliver appropriate communication of high relevance to get more leads sales ready.


Choosing an appropriate marketing automation execution platform, Agillic, and defining the systems architecture, we have created a series of automated communication flows built on a custom-made lead scoring model, which ensures that incoming leads are “nurtured” at just the right pace. But no automated communication program ads real user value without great content. And luckily SuperOffice have been producing great content for years, providing an excellent starting point.

We did, however, want to make sure, that we did not communicate about product until very late in the funnel. We wanted to offer a reason for ANY business professional to sign up for SuperOffice communication program. And we wanted to ensure, that we offered real thought leadership along with applicable tips, tools and inspiration to help people grow their businesses and themselves.


The result is THRIVE. A communication program that promises to make you thrive personally, professionally and as an asset to your business, by delivering cutting-edge business practises, strategies and knowledge. Very ambitious, but necessary to go above and beyond a world of thousands of B2B newsletters and necessary because SuperOffice is all about building relations, not only to customers, but also to potential future customers.

THRIVE launched in April 2020 – and we will be updating this case with performance results shortly.

Read more about THRIVE – or sign up – here!

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