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The department store ILLUM has since 1891 been a Copenhagen shopping destination, focusing on leading luxury brands and high quality. A high end department store with no e-commerce, that exists in a digital consumer world, where anything can be bought online, and most often at a lower price.

The issue

Despite around 135,000 membership cards in circulation, both the total turnover and the turnover of KEY members were in a negative development. In addition, communication was only made to approx. 1/3 of the membership base, with varying quality of member data, via a one-size-fits-all newsletter sent out twice a week.



The number and frequency of active members had to be increased and resolved within the framework of a business strategy in which ILLUM still wanted to maintain its identity as a purely physical department store without any online sales platform.

What we had to ensure

We had to ensure that personalized cross-channel communication were based on customer data without the need for development and significantly increased amount of content.

That real-time communication was triggered by user data, e.g. purchase activity, and a friction-free integration with cash register/membership database.


Assignment, execution, and goal

Via the Marketing Automation platform, Agillic, we identified 7 main focus areas that would increase the value and awareness around ILLUM KEY, together with an increase in the number of active members. The seven focus areas were data qualification, activation, recruitment, incentives, substance, personal communication and OmniChannel.


Today, ILLUM KEY consists of more than a bonus system and one-size-fits all newsletter. Members are spoiled with personalized and relevant services, events, offers, discounts and incentives, etc. Master data has doubled. Many buy-inactive have become active.

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