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Farfetch is one of the biggest international high-end fashion retailers globally. Their +2 billion USD turnover business is centered around their website and app driven e-commerce platform, Their customer loyalty programme, Access, consists of more than 3 million members worldwide. We were given the task of evaluating loyalty member experience with the ultimate purpose of optimizing member revenue.

The best for the best

The issue

Farfetch had for a longer period experienced increasing challenges to maintaining customer retention and loyalty operating in a global market with an endless count of players offering attractive shopping options and experiences.

Realizing that their loyalty programme, Farfetch Access, and especially their top-tier Private Client programme was not delivering at full potential, OMI were brought in to analyse the state of the loyalty programme from a customer standpoint.


Applying our DX process, we started by providing Farfetch with a DX Snapshot, basically taking the temperature of the member experience in the exact moment of time in all major touchpoints (e-mail newsletters, social media, app, website).

The DX Snapshot instantly challenged internal silos, work processes and systems usage, by simply pointing out the major gaps in digital member experience. Gaps that could only be filled if digital teams work together to ensure a uniform experience across multiple channels. Adding further qualitative and quantitative user and competitor analysis resulted in a complete member experience gap analysis – the foundation for building optimized Private Client strategy.


The gap analysis has changed the perspective of Farfetch’s customer loyalty work. A new strategic framework and mindset has arisen. With OMI as advisor, Farfetch have embarked on a loyalty journey that focuses solely on what drives the individual customer to ultimately buy more.

This of course based on multiple experience optimization ‘guiding stars’ such as implementing truly unique loyalty benefits, increasing personalization and maximizing relevance of communication. And not the least providing a seamless digital buying journey across all the channels members use when buying high-end fashion products today.

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