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Citroën is a proud French car brand with more than 100 years of history. In Denmark they have for a long time been a top-5 brand, whilst in Norway they had problems even cutting the top-20. In both countries, we helped them achieve significant increases in test drive bookings, but it started with piece of software.

Applying a mix of proprietary software, high-conversion tactical media campaigns and well optimized landing pages we helped Citroën gain pole position in generating online test drive bookings.

Driving digital test drive bookings in the fast lane

The issue

Selling cars has, until recently at least, always been about being the best salesman. People come to the dealership, and if they encounter a brilliant salesperson, they drive away in new car. This truth – combined with a drop in footfall to dealerships – was the foundation of the Dealer Management Platform, we developed with Citroën in Denmark and Norway.

Citroën knew that they needed to get more online inbound leads to increase footfall to the dealerships, but they also needed a system that would make sure, that digital leads were smoothly distributed to the right dealership and handled in real-time to ensure a seamless customer experience. And then, they needed an effective digital campaign engine that would fuel the volume of online leads.


The Dealer Management Platform was developed from scratch in close collaboration with Citroën and a selection of dealers to ensure maximum buy-in from the user side and of course to develop functionality to suit user needs. The next step was to ensure that we also faced potential car buyers in a way that was of course promoting the cars, convincing them to commit to booking a test drive but not least ensured a seamless booking process. To increase the volume of test drive bookings our strategy was simple, yet surprisingly new-thinking.

Where other brands were digitalizing their showrooms, focussing their range of vehicles and running branding campaigns, we ran only short-term digital campaigns aimed at in-market audiences, with tactical one-model offers only.

We used a dynamic landing page setup with local dealer info and special offers, designed with one purpose only:

Getting that test drive booking.


In the first year alone applying this strategy, we increased the number of online test drive bookings by 355% in Denmark and 230% in Norway. At the same time the Dealer Management Platform reduced the response time on incoming leads from averaging more than a day to reaching below the 1 hour mark within the first year of implementation.

Later, we implemented the Dealer Management platform and the campaign landing page and media approach with Citroën in Sweden and at Peugeot and KIA in Norway, when Citroën became part of Bertel O. Steen, the 2nd largest car importer in Norway.

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