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Atradius is the market leading credit insurer in Denmark, enabling companies to conduct international trade without having to worrying about losses in case of missing payments from customers. We were brought onboard to strengthen prospect marketing and improve online lead generation.
Introducing a new customer journey-centric approach, we have created a marketing strategy to ensure both increased brand awareness and improved demand generation.

Reducing the risk of prospect marketing inefficency

The issue

As many other B2B companies have experienced in recent years, the old ways of generating B2B leads are becoming less and less efficient. In short: Telemarketing and event participation no longer does the trick. Atradius furthermore faced the challenge of historically not having focussed a lot on prospect communication, lead nurturing and educating the market about credit insurance. Thus, despite being market leaders, they found themselves in a situation, facing both low brand and product awareness as well as lacking a well-oiled digital, inbound demand generation and lead nurturing engine.


We started out by conducting a series of workshops with key market facing people in the organization (marketing, sales, management), in which we mapped the prospect stages of Atradius’ customer journeys and the presumed expectations prospects would have to touchpoints and messaging if they were to engage with Atradius. This we benchmarked against what Atradius were actually doing and saying at that point.

The outcome was a gap analysis that revealed a significant list of critical efforts needed to increase brand awareness and generate demand. But with all the gaps identified, we could build a very operational 2020/21 prospect marketing strategy and execution plan, covering not all gaps at once – but bridging them in the appropriate order with the right timing and resource consumption.


The greatest result achieved so far is an organizational change of perspective on prospect marketing. The 2020/21 prospect marketing strategy has become a top priority for both marketing, sales and management.

Some main headlines of the strategy include:

Campaign and content plan for raising brand awareness and increasing top-funnel traffic

The implementation of an Editorial Board that focuses on content marketing, Social Media, Account Based Marketing and building thought leadership

Implementation of expert advice-driven newsletter and lead nurturing programme with use of Marketing Automation

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